Our oats sensory tub

oat table up on steps IMG_0348

The oats sensory tub has been an ongoing hit. (See original post here.) I have made a few adjustments in order to eliminate the apparently irresistible urge to set up the equipment and oats on the sheet, rather than in the tub! Propping it up on Ikea steps so that the children can stand and play, rather than kneel on the floor and bend over seems to work better, as does removing all the available play accessories into a large basket so that the children choose what they want to use and place only that into the wooden play tray.

sweeping up oats IMG_0349

I found a mini dustpan and broom to sweep the oats up and put them back into the large bowl at the end of play but this is actually the main attraction right now and is constantly being used to sweep the oats about and shovel them up. Good training for chore time!

I had originally planned to swap out the equipment once a week or so but as we are not using this every day (it is supposed to be our rainy day only activity although the kids love it so much I haven’t stuck to that) and interest is still running high in what is currently out so I’ll leave it for another week or two and add something new when I need to boost enthusiasm for the activity.