Last minute Father’s Day gift idea for the kids to make


Are you looking for a last-minute Father’s Day gift idea for the kids to make that is cheap, quick and easy? This is our family’s effort for Father’s Day tomorrow.

After seeing this idea on Pinterest many times we decided to create our own version made with chocolates that are available in Australia. Or should I say, my 11-year-old son decided to do it and created this message entirely on his own without a single bit of input from me.

In case you are having trouble working it out, it says:

We can’t give you a car (Caramello), a cat (Kit Kat) or a holiday to Turkish (Turkish Delight) countries but we need more of (Moro + f) these Dads who in this crumbly (Violet Crumble) and flaky (Flake) world will take their kids on a picnic (Picnic) and will run (Crunchy) with their kids. It gives me a boost (Boost) when you bubble (Bubbly) with laughter. You’re a dream (Dream) Dad and a smarty (Smarties). We love you to Mars (Mars Bar) and back. Take some time out (Time Out) to enjoy these chocolates. The time is ripe (Cherry Ripe) for some extra (Extra chewing gum) love from …. (Children’s names.)

Just black out the letters you don’t need or add an extra letter or two to the end of the word as needed.

Here are links to our Father’s Day gift ideas from previous years (Just click on the picture):

fathers day tree photoIMG_8502 Father's Day Daddy photo frame fathers day sewing screwdriver flowers fathers day card Father's Day 2011




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