Count down to a Christ-Centred Easter

We are reading the Easter story broken into daily segments for our count down to Easter and each morning the children come out to find a symbol matching the day’s reading on our Easter coffee table display. It is helping the younger ones understand the events surrounding this important time in the Christian calendar and allowing the older children to discuss, explain and notice things they haven’t bought about before. In depth discussions have been held about all sorts of things relating to the story, from scourging methods and what kind of damage was done to what our heavenly homes will be like.

Starting each day with circle time helps us get our focus right for the morning and means that I do not let the opportunity that Easter brings pass without ensuring that my own children understand what the death of Jesus means for them. They need to know that salvation and forgiveness for their sins is available  because Jesus died in their place. They need to understand that being a “good person” is not enough and that only through complete forgiveness in Jesus can we be made clean and ready to face God. Easter is a wonderful opportunity to focus on what God has done for us and the amazing simplicity of the cross and all it signifies.



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