Easy home-made no sugar icecream

No weird ingredients, 5 minutes to make (plus freezing time) and no sugar or other additives. Oh, and very tasty too! This “icecream” fools everyone I serve it to and they can’t believe that there are only two ingredients. Great for a healthy no sugar snack for the children, morning or afternoon tea or for a casual dessert when you have guests.

Simply peel a bunch of bananas (I did about 8 small bananas), wash and hull a punnet of strawberries or a couple of kiwi fruit and throw them in the freezer for a few hours. When you are ready to serve, process a quarter of the mixture at a time in the food processor, blender or thermomix and there you have it – pink or pale green icecream that is as delicious as it looks. You won’t believe there is no sweetener or additives of any kind. This amount of fruit topped about 14 cones with the equivalent of a generous icecream scoop ball of icecream. And best of all, it has a wonderful creamy flavour that really does taste like icecream. No leftovers here!

I imagine you could add pretty much any other fruit you like for a different flavour as long as it is approximately 2/3rds banana . A dash of vanilla tastes good too. I have found that it is easier to mix if the bananas are taken out a little bit before you need them so that they are not quite rock solid, but I have also mixed them straight from the freezer as well. Adding a little natural yoghurt or cream helps get the mix blended when they are rock hard.

The kids enjoy the cones in particular so look for some with low sugar and no harmful additives. When guests pop in unexpectedly there is always something special to pull out. With a birthday around the corner I am going to experiment with layering several different flavours to make icecream cupcakes or perhaps icecream sundays. With a sprinkle of nuts and coconut curls on top they should be a hit.

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