Circle Time Planning

Circle time is next on the planning agenda. I’ve missed starting the day off together each morning and am looking forward to beginning our day with circle time again once we start our homeschooling programme.

We’ve used a lot of wonderful resources already. Here is our list of materials we have already worked through, plus the ones we will continue on with or start fresh this year. I have been very happy with those we have used so far and expect the new ones to be just as good as they are all based on the highest recommendations of homeschooling friends with similar philosophies to mine.

Click on these titles to see my reviews from previous posts and where to get them.

Our resources for 2011:
How God Used a Drought and an Umbrella: and Other Devotional StoriesHow God Stopped the Pirates: and Other Devotional StoriesHow God Used a Thunderstorm: and Other Devotional Stories
  •  Building On The Rock Series by Joel Beeke (These 5 books of short stories contain a very strong gospel and biblical message. Stories of great faith, conversions, answers to prayer and miraculous happenings will help you to explain the great truths of the Christian faith, challenge you and your children in their own Christian walk and inspire you to serve God with renewed vigour.)

  • Go To The Ant Check-list (Another great chart to work through with children and then put on display as a reference. In the publisher’s words: “Use the Go To The Ant Chart to help your children examine themselves and replace laziness with habits of godly diligence.”

The Answer Book for Kids, Volume 1: 22 Questions from Kids on Creation and the Fall  The Answers Book for Kids, Volume 3: 22 Questions from Kids on God and the Bible  The Answer Book for Kids, Volume 2: 22 Questions on Dinosaurs and the Flood of Noah

Parables from Nature

  • Parables from Nature by Mrs Alfred Gatty. (Great literature; Fictional stories that illustrate character qualities and Godly principles using nature as the setting. Very rich language of excellent quality but may be a little difficult for the very young to fully grasp.)

365 Manners Kids Should Know: Games, Activities, and Other Fun Ways to Help Children and Teens Learn Etiquette

  • 365 Manners Kids Should Know by Sheryl Eberly (More to be used to read yourself and springboard ideas off – not so much to read aloud to the children. Contains explanations of what manners to teach, how to teach them and when to teach them. Not perfect for me for circle time as I prefer materials I can just pick up and read directly from then discuss what we have read with the children.)
Resources that I am planning to use this year that are new to me:
Leading Little Ones to God: A Child's Book of Bible Teachings


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