Montessori style cutting box with free printable patterns

cutting box IMG_8158

I have just finished making this Montessori style cutting activity tray for my 3 year olds. They have had some experience with cutting strips of paper and other objects (see teaching toddlers to cut) and as they are very interested in chopping everything in sight to bits this should be a hit! I added the beads and straws to cut up as well, just because having an empty spot in the craft box bothered me! The glue is included so that they can take all the little bits of paper they have cut up and glue them onto coloured card if they want to.

cutting box papers IMG_8158

After searching the net for free printable patterns for the cutting strips I eventually gave up and created my own. So to save you the trouble, here are the links for you to download and print my patterns. Enjoy!

14/6 Edited to add that I found the original designer of this idea here:

vertical straight lines

diagonal straight lines

curved lines

wavy lines

V shaped lines

square spiral easy

square spiral difficult

circular spiral

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